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INRC Executive Committee Officers and Representatives:

The Executive Committee is presided over by the INRC President and contains the following members: the President, Past-President, Treasurer, and 3 representatives for each of 3 world regions. The INRC Information Officer is also a member of the Executive Committee but serves in an ex-officio (non-voting) manner.

All terms begin and end at the INRC meeting of the years noted.

INRC President
Larry Toll (
term: 2018-2022)

INRC Past-President
Fred Nyberg
(term: 2018-2022)

Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, Treasurer (term: 2018-2022)

Amynah Pradhan, Information Officer (term: 2018 - ?)

INRC World Representatives for the 2018 Meeting





North America

Jim Zadina 2017-2019
Ream Al-Hasani 2018-2020

Emily Jutkiewicz 2019-2021


Lucia Hipolito 2017-2019

Stefan Schulz 2018-2020

Eamonn Kelly 2019-2021

Rest of World

Meritxell Canals 2017-2019

Shogo Tokuyama 2018-2020

Minoru Narita 2019-2021








Previous Executive Committee Membership can be found on our history page

INRC Information Officer (and Webmaster/Listmaster):

Amynah Pradhan, Ph.D.




Comments or suggestions can be emailed to the INRC Information Officer at: