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 Post-meeting page - INRC 2012 in Kansas City, MO, USA

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General Business Meeting Minutes


Pictures from the conference

SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2012 banquet
(click on name to play MP3 audio file)

Andrea Bedini.MP3
Anna Carlsson.MP3
Aya Matsui.MP3
Bonnie Avery.MP3
Brady Atwood.MP3
Chris McCurdy.MP3
Christine Boerner.MP3
Craig W Stevens.MP3
Ellen B Geller.MP3
Emily Jutkiewicz.MP3
Erica Levitt.MP3
Erika Brolin.MP3
Erin Bobeck and Katie Suchland.MP3
Ethan Anderson.MP3
Eyal Vardy.MP3
George Wilcox.MP3
Helene Beaudry.MP3
Ivy Carroll.MP3
Jane Aldrich.MP3
Jennifer Lamberts.MP3
John Traynor.MP3
Jordan McCall.MP3
Jose Moron-Concepcion.MP3
Kelly DiMattio.MP3
Lawrence Toll.MP3
Leandra Figueroa.MP3
Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen.MP3
Lih-Chu Chiou.MP3
Li-Wei Tung.MP3
Martin Adler.MP3
Mary Sorrell.MP3
Nurulain Zaveri.MP3
Ping-Yee Law.MP3
Ream Al-Hasani.MP3
Selena Schattauer.MP3
Shainnel Eans.MP3
Shanna Resendez.MP3
Shiroh Kishioka.MP3
Stephen Husbands.MP3
Summer Dodson.MP3
Susan Ingram.MP3
Tamara Vasiljevik.MP3
Thomas Koch.MP3
Thomas Prisinzano.MP3
Tom Prisinzano Bday Song.MP3
William Birdsong.MP3
Yujun Wang.MP3


Interviews by C.W. Stevens, thanks also to Summer Dodson, Anna Carlsson, and Louis Gendron


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