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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2008 in Charleston, SC, USA

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SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2008  banquet at the South Carolina Aquarium
(click on name to play WAV audio file)

This year, both CWS (INRC Information Officer) and Cathy Cahill (CC) conducted the interviews

Ajay Yekkirala by CWS
Anna Carlsson by CWS
Courtney Donica by CC
Craig Stevens by Jim Zadina
Elyssa Margolis by CWS
Fred Nyberg by CWS
Gary Aston-Jones & Jakie McGinty by CC
George Wilcox by CWS
Georgy Bakalkin by CWS
Jan van Ree by CWS
Jay McLaughlin by CWS
John Williams by CWS
Jurgen Kraus by CWS
Kelly Standifer by CC
Kurt Hauser by CC
Larry Toll by CC
Louis Gendron by CWS
Mac Christie by CC
Marty Adler by CC
Nadine Wolf by CWS
Peter Kalivas & Chris Evans by CC
Thomas Koch by CWS
Tim Whitfield by CC


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