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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2007 in Berlin, Germany

Full program and abstracts


General Business Meeting Minutes


Pictures of the conference and Berlin:

Jurgen Kraus pics

Eric Simon pics

Maria Osikowicz pics

Chris McCurdy pics

Ozge Gunduz pics

Jean Bidlack pics

Barbara Przewlocka pics

CWS pics


Produced by Lloyd Fricker (2007)


INRC RAP Video  - high-bandwidth version (AVI file format)

INRC RAP Video  - low bandwidth version (WMV file format)

INRC RAP Video  - YouTube link


SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2007 Berlin banquet
(click on name to play WAV audio file)

Jessica Adkins by Mathias Hallberg
Ream Al-Hasani by Mathias Hallberg
Sandor Benyhe
Cathy Cahill
Verdad Curto-Reyes
Lloyd Fricker & Manuela Pfeiffer
Louis Gendron
Ozge Gunduz
Mathias Hallberg
Carl Helmers
Jurgen Kraus
Mary Jeanne Kreek
Dezhi Liao
Chris McCurdy
Shona McQuilken by Mathias Hallberg
Dennis Paul
Phil Portoghese
Uwe Rossbach by Mathias Hallberg
Greg Sawyer
Britta Schurmann by Mathias Hallberg
Marianna Spetea
Larry Toll by Ozge Gunduz
George Wilcox 1
George Wilcox 2
James Zadina


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