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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2006 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Full program and abstracts


General Business Meeting Minutes


Pictures of the conference and St. Paul:

Eric Simon pics
Pics from the Swedes

SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2006 St. Paul banquet
(click on name to play WAV audio file)
This year, Kristina Magnusson provided most of the interviewing at the
banquet for the Soundbytes feature:

Alexis Bailey
Andrea Bedini
Brian Reed
Carolina Birgner
Charles Chavkin
Christoph Stein
David Nielsen
Emily Olson
Eric Simon
Fred Nyberg
George Wilcox
Hiroshi Ueda
Ian Kitchen
James Thomas
Jean Bidlack
John Pintar
John Traynor
Jurgen Kraus
Kassi Psifogeorgou
Kristina Magnusson
Lakshmi Devi
Mary Jeanne Kreek
Maurice Sosnowski
Michiko Suzuki
Philippe Jauzac
Ping Law
Randall Davis
Stefan Schulz
Stephen LaForge
Vanna Zachariou

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