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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2004 in Kyoto, Japan

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Pictures of the conference and Kyoto:

Pics from the Swedes
Pics from other INRCers

CWS pics

SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2004 Kyoto poster session
(click on name to play WAV audio file)

Bailey, Chris

Bidlack, Jean
Birgner, Carolina
Brasel, Chris
Cavallo, Federica
Chang, Sulie
Comer, Sandra
Coscia, Carmine
Cox, Brian
Fujio, Mayumi
Gustafsson, Lisa
Hallberg, Mathias
Hollt, Volker
Ide, Soichiro
Jauzac, Phillipe
Kitchen, Ian
Koch, Thomas
Kramer, Ken
Kraus, Juergen
Kreek, Mary Jeanne
Lindberg, Iris
Lutfy, Kabirullah
Macsai, Monika
Magnusson, Kristina
Mathews, Jennifer
Mazarakou, Georgia
Meunier, JC
Mizoguchi, Hirokazu
Morou, Evangelia
Nyberg, Fred
Nylander, Ingrid
Olsen, George
Pan, Yingxian
Pan, Ling
Parkhill, Amy
Paul, Dennis
Pfeiffer, Manuela
Ross, Joy
Schulz, Stefan
Simon, Eric
Spetea, Mariana
Stein, Christoph
Szabo, Gyula
Tamai, Eiko
Tawfik, Vivianne
Ueda, Hiroshi
Wells, Lisa
Yu, Lei
Zadina, James

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