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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2001 in Helsinki, Finland

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Pictures of the conference and Helsinki:

Pics from INRCers
Images of invites, menu, song lyrics


Highlights from the banquet began with an accordionist playing classical and folk tunes (accordion.wav). A hilarious musician/comedian from Northern Finland next entertained the group with unusual instruments and ended up playing a wood saw to the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Then Dr. Ian Kitchen and the Kitchenettes performed a song written especially for the INRC (kitchenettesong.wav).

SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2001 Helsinki meeting
(click on name to play WAV audio file)

Georgy Bakalkin
Shannon Black
Brian Cox
Robin Goody
Makato Inoue
Thomas Koch
Yingjian Liang
Y. Liang (chinese)
Jay McLaughlin
Amy Parkhill
Karolina Ploj
Craig Stevens
Hiroshi Ueda
Sandor Benyhe
Robert Caudle
Nick DeNunzio
Kurt Hauser
Anna Kindlundh
Alexander Kuzmin
Claire Neilan
Anders Persson
Nora Pontynen
Eric Simon
Marty Wessendorf
Jean Bidlack
Sean Clarke
Chris Evans
Dan Henrohn
Christopher King
Roberta Lattanzi
Macdonald Christie
Mike Ossipov
Erika Roman
Maria Szucs
George Wilcox
Wiktor Bilecki
Alan Cowan
Carolyn Fairbanks
Monica Holthe
Ian Kitchen
Heidi Lesscher
Dominique Massotte
Pirkko Paakkari
Manuela Pfeiffer
M. Pfeiffer (ger.)
Steven Sands
John Traynor
Jim Zadina


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