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 Postmeeting page - INRC 2000 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Full program and abstracts

SOUNDBYTES  from the INRC 2000 Seattle meeting
(click on name to play WAV audio file)

Catherine Abbadie
Allan Basbaum
Stephanie Collins
Taco De Vries
Brigitte Kieffer
Patrick Little
Amy Parkhill
Raquel Rodrigues
David Thomas
Wendy Walwyn
Jim Zadina
Jane Aldrich
Jean Bidlack
Tom Cote
Bob Elde
Thomas Koch
Tom Metzger
Dennis Paul
Sandra Roerig
Larry Toll
Sandra Welch
David Andrews
Anna Borsodi
Rebecca Craft
Chris Evans
MJ Kreek
Claire Neilan
Phil Pearson
Eric Simon
Keith Trujillo
Linda Werling
Barbara Barron
Charley Chavkin
Tamara Crowder
Volker Hollt
Maria Lioudyno
Sarah Oakley
Frank Porreca
Mariana Spetea
Chris Vaughan
Marty Wessendorf

Misc. sounds and interviewers:

The Bell: town crier heard after every break to force us back to the meeting
Tom Metzger: an INRCer tries to get the attention of Lakshmi Devi and John Traynor.
Dave Thomas: he turns the tables on the interviewer
Rebecca Craft: gender-minded researcher talks sex in frogs
Sandy Roerig: an INRCer tries to interview the elusive Alan Gintzler
Marty Wessendorf: asks the unanswerable question 
SeaBand: INRCers on the dock of the banquet ferry boat, hoping for a new-age remedy
Fog Horn: if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the ferry casting off!


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